Lunes, Hunyo 13, 2011

Yaw-Yan Documentary Shoot.

What is Yaw-Yan?

Yaw-Yan, also called Sayaw ng Kamatayan or "Dance of Death" is a Filipino martial art developed by Napoleon Fernandez. It is a form of kickboxing resembling Muay Thai but differs in the hip-torquing motion as well as the downward-cutting nature of its kicks, Yaw-yan also differs from Muay Thai because its practitioners can deliver their attacks from long range. Since its inception it has dominated the kickboxing scene in the Philippines and has proven very effective against other stand-up fighting arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and Muay Thai in professional bouts in the Philippines.
My friend Karl Porio and I decided to shoot a documentary about Yaw-Yan for our class, simply because it kicks ass! haha. We were so excited to shoot this documentary because we wanted to do something different that time, like a whole new approach in shooting a documentary. We wanted to put "Landi" in this one.    

I like to shoot in style.

Go, go, Power Rangers!

That's right. We shot a fight sequence up on the rooftop. You'll find out why.

Who would mess with them?

John Imson

Karl Porio

check it out

Yaw-Yan (Dance of Death) Documentary from Andrew Singco on Vimeo.

Location: 4th floor, Coast Pacific Downtown Center, Sanciangko St. Cebu City (across UC-main Campus) Cebu City, Philippines, 6000 09198215582 / 09327316232 look for Master Ekin Caniga

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