Lunes, Hunyo 13, 2011


This is another short film we shot in manila, directed by Rafaela Casandra Las.

I was one of the cinematographers for this movie and I took these photos just before we started shooting. I used the available lights on set and just graded them later in Lightroom.
Laurie Maravilla

Leon aka G.K.  Gonzales

Chris Loizu

L-R Rafaela Casadnra Las director, Karl Porio editor/cinematographer, Tomi Uysingco actor, Chris Loizu actor, Andrew Singco cinematographer, Malaya Roland Pasion cinematographer.

Everything about the film is sexy. The actors, the voiceover, the music, the cinematography, the costume, everything. I wish I could show you guys the movie but I still need the directors approval before I can upload the film.

Kill Bill Ost Vol 1 - 01 - Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra

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